Oligometastasis Retreat
August 17, 2007
Gleacher Center
University of Chicago




Basis of Oligometastasis and result to date of the Phase I Trial (Joseph Salam, MD)

How to do “the correct” Phase II Trial and how to finish our Phase I Trial (Everett Vokes, MD)

Discussion: What trial to do and what is needed for a grant? (Ralph Weichselbaum, MD)

In Vivo imaging of tumor micrometastasis and tumor vasculature using OV-100 imaging system (H. Rosie Xing, PhD)

Stat1 signature and radioresistance (Ralph Weichselbaum, MD)

Application of Stat1 and other signatures (Andy Minn, MD, PhD)

Analysis of blood cells for signatures (Joseph Salama, MD and Andy Minn, MD, PhD)

Patient-oriented research approaches to biomarker development – examples from angiogenesis inhibitors (Michael Maitland, MD, PhD)

Imaging for target definition, motion management and treatment assessment (Charles Pelizzari, PhD)

SBRT and potentials for dose guidance (Yenic Kamil, PhD)

Applications of physics to PPG and oligometastasis (Ralph Weichselbaum, MD)


Metastasis Retreat and Workshop
July 28, 2008
Gordon Center for Integrative Science
University of Chicago


Oligometastasis – treatment, predictive/prognostic gene expression signatures, therapeutic strategies, and immunotherapies (Ralph Weichselbaum, MD)

Strategies for targeting steroid receptors in metastatic disease (Geoffrey Greene, PhD)

Defining the route from RKIP metastasis suppressor to the effectors which inhibit breast cancer metastasis (Marsha Rosner, PhD)

Development of micro-western array technology and application to metastasis-based studies (Richard Jones, PhD)

Medical therapies for the treatment of metastases (Michael Maitland, MD, PhD)

Metastatic dormancy and immune detection (Yang-Xin Fu, MD, PhD)

Interaction between tumor cells and the host environment (Kenneth Cohen, MD)

Development of the micro-PET, micro-CT, micro-SPECT imaging system (Patrick La Riviere, PhD)

Ras signaling in tumor and host cells that potentiate invasion and angiogenesis (Rosie Xing, PhD)


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