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At the UCCCC, our job is to provide hope. There are many ways we do that. It can be the use of our advanced treatment methods or relying on the expertise of our world-class researchers for the latest breakthroughs. But most of all, it is about providing the best in patient care. >> CLICK HERE to see what sets us apart. 

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The UChicago Advantage: Focus on Early Detection

The positive impact of early detection on cancer mortality is one victory in the war on cancer, yet there is enormous room for improvement. Oftentimes, screening results leave doctors and patients uncertain about what to do next. For some cancers, such as ovarian, lung, and pancreatic, there is no effective screening —the disease is typically found in an advanced stage, when chances of a cure are remote.
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The UChicago Advantage: Focus on Diagnosis

Although there are a large number of targeted therapies available for the treatment of a variety of cancers, the challenge medical practitioners face is matching the right therapy with the right patient. Researchers at UChicago strive to develop novel methods to effectively guide the treatment choices available for patients.
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The UChicago Advantage: Focus on Personalized Care

The presence of a large, world-class cancer research program, such as ours, elevates the quality of patient care by providing a level of expertise unavailable at most other medical centers. Patients benefit not only from state-of-the-art medical technology, but also from a team of physicians known for their innovative thinking.
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The UChicago Advantage: Focus on Community

The UCCCC seeks to ensure quality cancer care for patients in our community. Over the past 5 years, the UCCCC and The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC) have launched a series of initiatives to build partnerships with local communities and engage directly in providing information and solutions that enhance healthcare in the neighborhoods surrounding UChicago.
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The Spring issue of Pathways highlights a large gift to transform metastasis research, a surgical technique that brings relief to cancer patients with lymphedema, the potential of immunotherapy to revolutionaize cancer therapy, how a worldwide cancer pandemic can be stemmed by prevention, and much more.
Pathways to Discovery — Spring 2014 (PDF)

In this issue, meet the seven faculty who have joined the Comprehensive Cancer Center, learn which members have received “Innovation Awards,” who was accepted into a leadership program,  and much more.
Member News — April 2014 (PDF)

In this issue, read about a newly awarded grant to study prostate cancer stem cells, a member who has been recognized as an outstanding journal reviewer, a radiation oncologist "climbing for cancer," a preview of AACR, and much more.
Member News — March 2014 (PDF)

UCCCC Investigators Presenting at the AACR Annual Meeting (PDF)

Video Rental Chain's Round It Up for Lymphoma Campaign supports lymphoma research at UChicago Medicine (Press release)

In this issue, read about the newly appointed dean of faculty affairs, members who have earned named professorships, researchers who were awarded a grant to study thyroid cancer, and much more.
Member News — February 2014 (PDF)

The Winter issue of Pathways pays tribute to a celebrated geneticist, provides updates from our children's hospital, describes the history of radiation exposure and thyroid cancer, shows the promise of epigenetics to unravel cancer's mysteries, and much more.
Pathways to Discovery — Winter 2014 (PDF)

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