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Pritzker School of Medicine

The overarching goal of the Pritzker School of Medicine is to graduate individuals who demonstrate competence as outstanding doctors, physician-scientists, and medical educators and who are well-suited to assume future leadership roles in medicine, science, and society. Pritzker was recently named by U.S. News & World Report as the 11th highest ranking medical school in the country.

During 4 years, Pritzker students are exposed to the field of oncology through curricula, including basic and clinical science courses offering tools that are applicable in oncology, clinical rotations, including time on hematology/oncology service, and electives. Pritzker students can focus cancer research through the following programs:

Pritzker Summer Research Program –– The Summer Research Program is an 11- week medical research opportunity available to first-year medical students. Students develop a well-defined project and work with faculty mentors throughout the summer to conduct research. In addition to their research, students are required to attend weekly cluster meetings and seminars. At the end of the program, participants present their research at the Summer Research Forum. There students are graded by five judges from the clinical and basic sciences and are eligible to receive cash prizes.

Scholarship and Discovery Program
–– The Scholarship and Discovery Program provides Pritzker students with the necessary skills and training to complete a mentored scholarly project by the time of graduation. Students have the option to explore and apply to one of five scholarly Tracks: Scientific Investigation (Basic Sciences, Clinical Research, Social Sciences); Community Health; Global Health; Medical Education; or Quality & Safety.

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