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Pipeline Programs

The University of Chicago administers eight successful pipeline programs to prepare and inspire talented high school and college students to pursue careers in medicine and health-related research. The unique experience of working side-by-side with scientists and physicians allows the students, who are often from disadvantaged backgrounds, to gain firsthand knowledge from members of the scientific community about the exciting efforts underway to unravel cancer’s mysteries. These pipeline programs illuminate the field for the next generation of brilliant cancer scholars.

Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (CURE)
The Comprehensive Cancer Center launched a new program in the spring of 2014 to introduce talented minority high school and undergraduate students to cancer research. Funded by a Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (CURE) grant from the National Cancer Institute and the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Women’s Board, the program provides a hands-on summer research experience for students under the mentorship of Comprehensive Cancer Center faculty.
Contact: Megan Mekinda, PhD, 773-702-4678, CURE@bsd.uchicago.edu





The researcHStart program is an 8-week cancer-focused research and career development experience for the most promising high school students from the Chicago and Champaign-Urbana areas. The research experience is the core of the program, which provides hands-on, full-time immersion into a cancer research environment under the supervision of an established, funded investigator. Depending on the specific project and mentor, students will develop an understanding of cancer epidemiology, treatment of cancer, imaging, molecular and biochemical underpinnings of cancer, immunology, pharmacogenomics of anticancer agents, engineering, biomarker development, development of anticancer agents, experimental cancer therapeutics, and/or cancer disparities.
Contact: Megan Mekinda, PhD, 773-702-4678, researcHStart@bsd.uchicago.edu

To make a donation to the researcHStart program, please contact Ellen Clarke in the Medicine & Biological Sciences Development Office at 773-702-6640 or eclarke@mbsd.uchicago.edu.

Young Scientists Training Program (YSTP)
The Young Scientists Training Program (YSTP) is an 8-week summer program sponsored by the Pritzker School of Medicine for up to 10 outstanding minority high school students to gain experience in research, medicine, and the biological sciences. Students work in the laboratories of University of Chicago faculty where they learn skills in basic science and clinical research.
Contact: Nikki Oliver, 773-702-8946, noliver2@bsd.uchicago.edu

Chicago Academic Medicine Program (CAMP)
The Chicago Academic Medicine Program (CAMP) is a 6-week summer program for undergraduate students who have completed freshman or sophomore year, or high school seniors who have been accepted into college. The Pritzker School of Medicine Office of Multicultural Affairs developed CAMP to help multicultural and disadvantaged students prepare for success in a premedical program.
Contact: Nikki Oliver, 773-702-8946, noliver2@bsd.uchicago.edu

Pritzker School of Medicine Experience in Research (PSOMER)
The Pritzker School of Medicine Experience in Research (PSOMER) program is an 8-week research, education, and mentoring experience with University of Chicago faculty. PSOMER is open to college students who are rising juniors and seniors graduating after January 1. The program seeks high-achieving students from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain experience with basic and clinical research.
Contact: Nikki Oliver, 773-702-8946, noliver2@bsd.uchicago.edu

Training Early Achievers for Careers in Health (TEACH)
Training Early Achievers for Careers in Health (TEACH) Research provides opportunities for talented Chicago Public Schools high school students to gain exposure in health-related research through a summer experience at the University of Chicago. This program, sponsored by the Pritzker School of Medicine, is designed to prepare the students for academic success at the best colleges and universities.
Contact: Dr. Vineet Aurora, TEACH Research Director, 773-702-8157, varora@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu

The Leadership Alliance
The Leadership Alliance is a national consortium of more than 33 leading research and teaching colleges, universities and private industry, of which the University of Chicago is a member, that aims to train, mentor and inspire a diverse group of students into competitive graduate training programs and professional research-based careers. The Leadership Alliance Summer Research – Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) is a rigorous research experience providing undergraduates with training and mentoring in the principles underlying the conduct of research and prepares them to pursue competitive applications to graduate schools.
Contact:  Chinonye Nnakwe, PhD, Leadership Alliance Program Coordinator and Advisor, 773-702-2058, ccnnakwe@uchicago.edu

Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP)
The University of Chicago Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) is a training program aimed at members of groups underrepresented in the biomedical or behavioral sciences who want to pursue graduate school but need additional preparation. The program provides students holding a bachelor’s degree in science with the opportunity to work in a laboratory as a technician for one year as well as participate in educational activities to help them prepare for successful application to a PhD program.
Contact:  Nancy Schwartz, PhD, PREP Program Director, PREP@lists.uchicago.edu



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