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See what our community partners have to say about the value of our outreach programs.


Edwin Chandrasekar
Executive Director
Asian Health Coalition

"Being a partner with the OCECD has been an empowering experience. Under the leadership of Dr. Kim, I am excited that the OCECD has built an infrastructure to address the cancer disparities facing Asian Americans. The OCECD team has shown a strong commitment to recognizing the integral role of the community in the fight against cancer and exemplifies the need for conducting collaborative community-based participatory research.”


Regine R. Rucker, PhD, MPA
CTE Program Coordinator
Health Sciences, Human Services, & Education and Training
Chicago Public Schools

“Healthcare professionals, as well as women, often tend to the health needs of everyone else more than themselves. With a teaching staff of majority women, it is necessary to highlight the importance of tending to personal health needs and issues before one can effectively attend to others, including educate high school students. The ED-U-CATE program serves as an opportunity for professional development and self-awareness for the instructors in that it increases their knowledge of cancer disparities, allows an evaluation of personal and familial risk for various cancers, and provides a potential vehicle of qualified educators to share cancer information with students (some of which are future health professionals), colleagues, friends, and families."


Sheronda Kimbrough
Program Coordinator
Medical Assistant Program
Chicago Vocational Career Academy

 “The ENRICH’D™ program has taught my students the true meaning of community engagement and empowerment. Through the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Disparities, students from the Chicago Vocational Career Academy medical assistant program have been allowed to touch the lives of their future patients by becoming a catalyst for positive change as they pursue their medical careers.”


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