President Kristi Nuelle Special Advisor Laura Werner First Vice President Diane Hutchinson Reilly Second Vice President Mrs. Christopher M. Murphy Treasurer Meredith Parrish Program Chair Mrs. Donald Eugenio Future Planning Chair Robin Josephs Nominating Chair Cynthia Chereskin Marketing & Communications Karen Riley McEniry Board of Trustees Liaison Jean Atchison Sustaining Member Liaison Mrs. Robert Conrad Annual Appeal Chair Karen Slimmon Benefit Chairs Karen Riley McEniry Elizabeth Dunkel Ryan Hunter Derby Chair Margaret Benjamin Members at Large of the Executive Committee Mrs. Brayton Bunn Alley Cynthia Chereskin Tricia Cox Jennifer Rhind Barbara Sessions Members Mrs. William Adams IV Neelum Amin Mrs. Alexander Anagnost Mrs. Helena Appleton Women’s Board The UCCRF Women’s Board was established in 1947 and has allocated more than $17.5 million in funding for cancer research at UChicago. The Women’s Board invests in innovative experimentation, enabling UChicago scientists to pursue promising avenues of investigation that would otherwise remain unexplored. In 2017, the Board allocated a record-breaking $1.7 million to support the following efforts: • The Microbiome and Cancer • The Cancer Epitranscriptome • Team Science • Ben May Department for Cancer Research • Janet D. Rowley Discovery Fund • Spotlight: Prostate Cancer • Spotlight: Women’s Cancer • Spotlight: Pediatric Cancer • Human Tissue Resource Center • Committee on Cancer Biology • Personalized Cancer Treatments The Women’s Board allocated a record-breaking $1.7M to support innovative experimentation that would otherwise remain unexplored. 45