Pete Savage lab research, UChicago

Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer

Program Leaders: Suzanne Conzen, MD, and Kay Macleod, PhD

The Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Program focuses on determining the basic cell signaling and gene expression mechanisms that underlie malignancy. The program brings together 35 basic and translational investigators from 10 departments with a wealth of experience in cancer biology, chemistry, cell signaling, systems biology, developmental biology, and drug discovery.

The key research themes of the Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Program include:

  • Uncover how gene expression is controlled through context-specific regulation and epigenetics (DNA and protein modifications that change gene expression without altering DNA sequence);
  • Determine the cellular mechanisms underlying altered cell growth, including proliferation, death, and metabolism; and
  • Understand the multifaceted mechanisms leading to cancer metastases or spread to distant sites.
  • Current Members

    Nishant Agrawal, MD
    Lev Becker, PhD
    Suzanne Conzen, MD
    Bryan Dickinson, PhD
    Wei Du, PhD
    Geoffrey Greene, PhD
    Tong-Chuan He, MD, PhD
    Yu Ying He, PhD
    Anthony Kossiakoff, PhD
    Stephen Kron, MD, PhD
    Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD
    Anning Lin, PhD
    Hue Luu, MD
    Kay Macleod, PhD
    Raymond Moellering, PhD
    Tao Pan, PhD
    Glenn Randall, PhD
    Ilaria Rebay, PhD
    Bernard Roizman, ScD
    Marsha Rosner, PhD
    Alex Ruthenburg, PhD
    Michael Spiotto, MD, PhD
    Donald Vander Griend, PhD
    Samuel Volchenboum, MD, PhD
    Kevin White, PhD
    Chung-I Wu, PhD
    Xiaoyang Wu, PhD
    Lixing Yang, PhD
    Yingming Zhao, PhD

    Associate Members

    Eric Beyer, MD, PhD
    Nickolai Dulin, PhD
    Akira Imamoto, PhD
    Jessica Kandel, MD
    Bruce Lahn, PhD
    Gokhan Mutlu, MD
    Marcelo Nobrega, MD, PhD
    Sean Pitroda, MD
    Carrie Rinker-Schaeffer, PhD
    Benoit Roux, PhD
    Wei-Jen Tang, PhD