Pete Savage lab research, UChicago

Immunology and Cancer

Program Leaders: Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD and Peter Savage, PhD

The overall goals of the Immunology and Cancer Program, comprising 18 members from six departments, are to understand the interaction between the host immune system and malignant tumors, and to manipulate that interaction to promote immune-mediated tumor destruction in patients with cancer. In recent years, tumor immunotherapy has revolutionized the way we treat some kinds of cancer. These therapies, however, are not effective for all tumor types or all patients. Advances in our understanding of the cellular mechanisms by which the immune system fails to spontaneously reject cancer from a more global perspective will allow for innovations in immune-based therapies as well as optimization of current strategies.

The key research themes of the Immunology and Cancer Program include:

  • Perform basic science investigations in immunology relevant to cancer (e.g., innate immunity, lymphocyte activation and peripheral inflammation/tolerance regulation);
  • Generate and interrogate preclinical mouse models of anti-tumor immunity; and
  • Design and conduct clinical studies of human anti-tumor immunity and novel immunotherapies.
  • Current Members

    Erin Adams, PhD
    Maria-Luisa Alegre, MD, PhD
    Albert Bendelac, MD, PhD
    Anita Chong, PhD
    Marcus Clark, MD
    Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD
    Tatyana Golovkina, PhD
    Jun Huang, PhD
    Seungmin Hwang, PhD
    Bana Jabri, MD, PhD
    Justin Kline, MD
    James LaBelle, MD, PhD
    Peter Savage, PhD
    Hans Schreiber, MD, PhD
    Anne Sperling, PhD
    Melody Swartz, PhD

    Associate Members

    Nicolas Chevrier, PhD
    Emily Curran, MD
    Patrick Wilson, PhD