Pete Savage lab research, UChicago

Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics

Program Leaders: Walter Stadler, MD, and M. Eileen Dolan, PhD

The Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Program is a cohesive, integrated program with 47 members representing nine departments. The program has a long-standing focus on drug development at all phases of clinical testing and a strong pharmacogenomics component, and fosters interaction between basic and clinical scientists for the development of innovative and effective therapies.

The key research themes of the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Program include:

  • Conduct pharmacogenomics studies to identify how an individual’s genetic make-up determines their response to drugs, including chemotherapy;
  • Identify novel molecular targets for cancer therapy;
  • Develop innovative cancer clinical trials and new biomarkers to predict or measure therapeutic response; and
  • Translate research findings into clinical application and implement new therapies, tests or tools into cancer patient care.
  • Current Members

    Douglas Bishop, PhD
    Elizabeth Blair, MD
    Daniel Catenacci, MD
    David Chang, MD
    Steven Chmura, MD, PhD
    Susan Cohn, MD
    Philip Connell, MD
    M. Eileen Dolan, PhD
    Scott Eggener, MD
    Mark Ferguson, MD
    Gini Fleming, MD
    David Grdina, PhD
    Olwen Hahn, MD
    Daniel Haraf, MD
    John Hart, MD
    Rex Haydon, MD, PhD
    Chuan He, PhD
    Philip Hoffman, MD
    R. Stephanie Huang, PhD
    Edwin Kaplan, MD
    Theodore Karrison, PhD
    Hedy Kindler, MD
    Wenbin Lin, PhD
    Marcy List, PhD
    Jason Luke, MD
    Michael Maitland, MD, PhD*
    Chadi Nabhan, MD*
    Yusuke Nakamura, MD, PhD
    Rita Nanda, MD
    Peter O’Donnell, MD
    Jyoti Patel, MD
    Akash Patnaik, MD, PhD
    Louis Portugal, MD
    Mitchell Posner, MD
    Mark Ratain, MD
    Kevin Roggin, MD
    Jeremy Segal, MD, PhD
    Tanguy Seiwert, MD
    Arieh Shalhav, MD
    Manish Sharma, MD
    David Song, MD
    Walter Stadler, MD
    Gary Steinberg, MD
    Russell Szmulewitz, MD
    Kiran Turaga, MD
    Victoria Villaflor, MD*
    Everett Vokes, MD
    Ralph Weichselbaum, MD
    S. Diane Yamada, MD
    Bakhtiar Yamini, MD
    Chun-Su Yuan, MD, PhD