Donor Honor Roll

Gifts Received July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

  • Director's Leadership Circle - $1,000,000 Plus

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rubschlager

  • Diamond Circle - $250,000 - $999,000

    UCCRF Women’s Board

  • Sapphire Circle - $100,000 - $249,999

    Dancing with Chicago Celebrities
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hokin
    Ms. Kimberly Duchossois/The Duchossois Family Foundation
    UCCRF Auxiliary Board
    Mrs. Donald Ullman

  • Ruby Circle - $50,000 - $99,999

    Mr. and Mrs. Brayton Alley
    Mr. and Mrs. Henrik Clausen
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Diermeier

  • Platinum Circle - $25,000 - $49,999

    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Benjamin
    Harry F. & Elaine Chaddick Foundation Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin D. Chereskin
    Chicago Equestrians For A Cause
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Da Miano
    Ms. Carol W. Keenan
    Mr. J. Clifford Moos
    The Northern Trust Company
    Ralph Lauren
    Mr. and Mrs. Rex Sessions
    Ullman Family Foundation / Mr. and Mrs. Justin Ullman
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Werner

  • Gold Circle - $10,000 - $24,999

    John W. Anderson Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. James N. Bay, Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brown
    Linda Burns Coleman
    Lidia Devonshire
    Energy BBDO
    Ms. Wende L. Fox and Mr. James Lawson
    J. S. Frank Foundation
    Mr. John Gigerich
    Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P.
    Grover Hermann Foundation
    Mr. David Helfand and Ms. Leslie Bluhm
    JDL Development, LLC
    S C Johnson & Son
    Ann and Greg Jones
    Katten, Muchin, Rosenman, LLP
    Kicking Cancer Foundation
    Mr. Laurence Lewis
    Leanne Lowenthal
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Luttig
    Mr. Roger J. McEniry
    Mr. and *Mrs. Andrew R. McGaan
    Nuveen Investments
    Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Pollock
    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Raitt
    Ms. Cindy Reusché
    Riviera Country Club & Sports Center
    Rozansky Family Foundation
    Saks, Inc.
    Mr. Charles G. Schultz
    SK Intertainment Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Souleles
    Mr. Gerald Spector
    UCCRF Associate Board
    We Also Walk Dogs

  • Silver Circle $5,000 - $9,999

    Mr. and Mrs. William Adams IV
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aldrich
    Mr. and Mrs. John Amboian
    Jennifer Ashley
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Black
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Blau
    Estate of Lillian Z. Bronkhurst
    Cantor Fitzgerald & Company
    Mark Carroll
    Duk Young Foundation / Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Chun
    Lyndsie Ferrante
    Ms. Jan Gaines and Mr. Andy Kenoe
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Johnson
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kingdom
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kizziah
    Lazzara Family Foundation
    Mr. James D. McDonald
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGuinnis
    Modestus Bauer Foundation
    Mr. Stephen D. Nechtow
    Mr. R. G. Neidballa
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reilly
    Carolyn Rutstein
    Carrie and Michael Shea
    Marianne and Jeff Silver
    Mr. and Mrs. Tripodi
    Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. William Wardrop Jr.
    Mrs. and Mr. Bruce White

  • Bronze Circle - $2,500 - $4,999

    Mrs. Alexander Anagnost
    Mr. and Mrs. Darcy Robert Bonner
    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Brandt
    Mr. and Mrs. Rowan Carroll
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Clemens
    Ms. Ruth Colby and Mrs. Donald DeFrank
    Patricia G. Cook
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Cox
    Ms. Susan Crown and Mr. William Kunkler
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Dwyer
    Mr. and Mrs. David Donovan
    Katie and Michael Doody
    Nora M. Duffy
    Mr. and Mrs. James Dugan
    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Eugenio
    Janice Flood
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Frost
    Robert G. Gibson
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Harrold III
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Helms
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Henkel
    Mr. Austin L. Hirsch and Ms. Beth Gomberg-Hirsch
    Mary Hutchinson
    Ms. Robin Josephs and Mr. Patrick McGarvey
    The Kessler Group
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Krug
    Karen Lang
    Leahy Family Foundation
    Laura and Geoffrey Luce
    Maison Ullens
    Ms. Amy Mazzolin
    Mrs. Edward J. Miller
    Linda Neumann
    Mr. and Mrs. David Nuelle
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peterson
    Don M. Randel
    Roberts Family Foundation
    Mr. Scott Sauer
    Mr. and Mrs. James Schink
    Mr. and Ms. Gerard Schulte
    The Studio Account
    Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Sullivan
    The Bolton Sullivan Fund
    Swanson, Martin & Bell
    Ms. Ann VanMeter
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Vogelzang, Jr.
    Drs. Everett and Tamara Vokes
    Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wheeler
    Winston & Strawn LLP

  • Founders - $1,000 - $2,499

    Mr. Steven Adelman
    Ms. Barbara Adelman
    Katy Adler
    Aileen S. Andrew Foundation
    William Anspach
    Mr. Merrick Axel
    Ms. Allison Bacon
    Mr. and Mrs. Harold K. Baldwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barber
    Dan and Jean Basse
    Mrs. Renee Belman
    Belmont Bank & Trust
    Blitt and Gaines, P.C.
    Mr. and Mrs. James Brady
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brandstetter
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Brewster
    Agnes Brooks
    Mr. and Mrs. Harris C. Brumfield
    Mr. and Mrs. John Bucksbaum
    John Buck Company Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Busch
    Arthur Bushonville
    Grant Callow
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Canmann
    Mr. and Mrs. Rowan Carroll
    Mr. and Ms. Peter W. Rogers
    Erick Coan
    Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cody
    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connellan
    Matthew Connelly
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Conrad
    Ms. Patricia Cox
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Crouch
    Cuby’s LLC
    Ms. Rebecca Davidson
    Sylvia and Toby Davis
    Mr. and Mrs. Giles Demeulenaere
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Duffy
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Duitsman
    Julian Ellison
    Lynn Engelland
    Mark D. Evans
    Penny Feuerstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fischer
    Lynette Flannery
    Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Flood
    Fraser Construction, Inc.
    Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Freidheim, Jr.
    Elizabeth Galvin
    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Garrett
    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gavin
    Ms. Margaret Ghering
    Mr. Scott Gill and Mr. Bill Stegman
    Jason and Laura Glick
    Mr. and Mrs. Steve Goldsmith
    Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Goodall
    Mr. Kevin Gratkowski
    Mrs. Suzanne R. Griffin
    Ms. Nancy Gupta
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hall
    Ms. Joy Hammer
    Mr. Charles P. Hammersmith Jr.
    Ms. Carol Heffernan
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heftman
    Mr. Ronald N. Heftman
    Mr. and Mrs. Leland E. Hutchinson
    Marc and Lauren Jacobson
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Jans
    Catherine Kane
    Isabel Kats
    Janet Kebler
    K-Five Construction Corporation
    Mr. David H. Kistenbroker and Ms. Cynthia Heusing
    Mr. and Mrs. Neal Kottke
    Ms. April Krydynski
    Mary and Alan Lazzara
    Michelle M. Le Beau, PhD
    Susan and Rick Lenny
    Mr. Chase C. Levey
    Lifecare Home Health Services, Inc.
    Lisa Maatman
    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Winsor
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard McArdle
    Ms. Kathy McCarthy
    Mr. and Mrs. William McCarty III
    Dr. and Mrs. McKay McKinnon
    Betty and Will McLean
    Ms. Lisa Meers
    The Melville Foundation
    Mike Anderson Chevrolet
    Mills Family Foundation
    Carol Mitchel
    Winifred Nimrod
    Ms. M. Bliss Packer and Mr. Richard Pleet
    Mr. William B. Parker
    Mr. and Mrs. Homi Patel
    Mr. and Mrs. James Peck
    Christine Pfeifer
    Mr. and Mrs. Dan Piazza
    Mr. and Mrs. Heber Pierce
    Mr. Richard Pleet and Ms. Mary Bliss Packer
    Mr. and Mrs. John Poorman
    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pratt
    Quagga Accessories, LLC
    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Quateman
    Mr. and Mrs. David Scott Rhind
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Rogers
    Ms. Stephanie Rogers and Mr. John Raftery
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Rosen
    Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Schell III
    Schwartz Family Foundation
    Arch W. Shaw Foundation
    Skoog Productions
    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Slimmon
    Leslie M. Smith
    John Spainhour
    Ms. Nancy P. Stevens
    Mrs. Liz Stiffel
    Dr. and Mrs. Scott Stiffle
    Susanne and Tim Sullivan
    Mr. and Ms. Stuart Taylor
    36 Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Barton G. Tretheway
    Helen Tunney
    Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Van Der Aa
    Kate Vandyke
    Frederick W. Wackerle
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben Webster
    Dr. and Mr. Judith Wilen
    Mrs. and Mr. Susan Wilson
    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Winsor
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Winters
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Womsley
    The Gregg A. Zale Family Foundation