Auxiliary Board

The mission of the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Auxiliary Board is to be investors in innovation by giving unrestricted grants to establish much-needed research programs at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center, which work toward the prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer.

UCCRF Auxiliary BoardThe University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Auxiliary Board was founded in 1951 by North Shore resident, Stephanie Howell. She and her friends raised $3,000 in their first year. The Board was incorporated in 1959 as an official auxiliary of the UCCRF. Since its inception, the Auxiliary Board has raised almost $3 million for cancer research for the Foundation. In 2006, the Board was named as a recipient of the University’s coveted Harper’s Society Award for its fundraising efforts.

Today’s Board is comprised of women who actively work towards raising funds for the three doctors selected to be underwritten. Each doctor receives funds for three years. There are also sustaining and honorary members of the Auxiliary.

Currently the UCCRFAB is serving a commitment to support the research of Drs. Mark Applebaum, MD, Nita Lee, MD, MPH, and Jane E. Churpek, MD.

The UCCRFAB is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

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