Back row, left to right: Jacob Mozdzen, Hannah Lin, Noah Taylor, Spencer Huynh; Front row, left to right: Neha Gutta, Taliah Soleymani, Abigail Molina-Calderon

Neha Gutta
“Developing Natural Products Based Drugs for Relieving the Differentiation Block in Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)”
Research Mentor: Amittha Wickrema, PhD

Spencer Huynh
“Effect of Different Ligands on T-Cell Receptor and pMHC Binding Affinity”
Research Mentor: Jun Huang, PhD

Hannah Lin
“Association Between Human Tissue Telomere Length and Cell Type Enrichment”
Research Mentor: Brandon Pierce, PhD

Abigail Molina-Calderon
“The Impact of Treatment Center Type on Quality of Life in Thyroid Cancer”
Research Mentor: Brisa Aschebrook-Kilfoy, PhD

Jacob Mozdzen
“Effect of Preoperative Bowel Preparation on the Colonization of Gut Associated Collagenolytic Bacterial Communities: Potential Role in Cancer Recurrence”
Research Mentor: Benjamin Shogan, MD

Taliah Soleymani
“Live Cell Analysis of Cellular Responses to Aspirin in Colorectal Cancer”
Research Mentor: Sonia Kupfer, MD

Noah Taylor
“Elucidating the Function of miRNA in BMP9-Induced Bone Lineage Differentiation in Mouse MSCs”
Research Mentor: TC He, MD, PhD





Uma Basole
“Rescue of Misregulated Alternative Exons Using a Sequence Specific U1 Design Strategy”
Research Mentor: Auinash Kalsotra, PhD

Esther Chung
“Characterizing Microglia Crosstalk in the Glioblastoma Tumor Microenvironment”
Research Mentor: Rex Gaskins, PhD

Ritu Dave
“Applications of Carbon Nanoparticles in Cancer Imaging”
Research Mentor: Dipanjan Pan, PhD

Anneliese Paton
“The Role of a Dietary Advanced Glycation in a Murine Model of Prostate Cancer”
Research Mentor: Wawrzyniec Dobrucki, PhD

Josh Sanford
“Function Dissection of lncRNA18: A Positive Regulator of Cell Cycle Progression”
Research Mentor: K.V. Prasanth, PhD

Edith Yao
“Separating Healthy and Cancer Patients Using Infrared Light Assisted Machine Learning”
Research Mentor: Rohit Bhargava, PhD

Eman Zwawi
“A Computational Approach to Exploring Spatial Heterogeneity in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)”
Research Mentor: Mohammed El-Kebir, PhD


Back row, left to right: Hassan Abioye, Jacob Gillis, Justin Zhang, Christopher Adame; Front row, left to right: Kareem Washington, Shyama Bhatt, Stephanie Herrera

Hassan Abioye
“GATA2 is a Novel Regulator of TRF2 in NSCLC”
Research Mentor: Robert Winn, MD

Christopher Adame
“Differential Response in Cancerous and Benign Prostate Cells When Vitamin D is Introduced”
Research Mentor: Larissa Nonn, PhD

Shyama Bhatt
“Effects of Inflammation on Spinal Cord Injury”
Research Mentor: Ankit Mehta, MD

Jacob Gillis
“Body Image Discrepancy”
Research Mentor: Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD

Stephanie Herrera
“The Influence of Acculturation on Obesity in Latino Communities”
Research Mentor: Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD

Kareem Washington
“Understanding the Role of Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer Screenings in High Risk Populations”
Research Mentor: Karriem Watson, DHSc, MS, MPH

Justin Zhang
“Diet Quality and Odds of Colorectal Adenoma”
Research Mentor: Lisa Tussing-Humphries, PhD


Left to right: Alexander Dong, George Yacu, Lauren Williams

Alexander Dong
“Small Molecule Inhibition of STAT3 Proves Effective in Ph-like ALL Cell Lines”
Research Mentor: John Crispino, PhD

Lauren Williams
“Lipid Metabolism and Histone Modification May Impact Risk of ER- Breast Cancer”
Research Mentor: Susan Clare, MD, PhD

George Yacu
“Identifying the Enzymatic Substrate of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 11”
Research Mentor: Panagiotis Ntziachristos, PhD