Program Team

Pictured, left to right: Bryan Wunar, Eileen Dolan, Kathy Goss, Megan Mekinda, Michelle Domecki, Steve Rogg (not pictured: Chris Peña)


M. Eileen Dolan, PhD
Associate Director for Cancer Education

Kathy Goss, PhD
Director for Strategic Partnerships

Megan Mekinda, PhD
Assistant Director for Cancer Education

Christopher Peña, PhD
Scientific Coordinator for Cancer Education

Michelle Domecki
Cancer Education Coordinator

Steven Rogg, PhD
Professional Learning Coordinator

Bryan Wunar
Site PI, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Faculty Mentors

Chicago EYES on Cancer would not be possible without our faculty mentors and their research teams, who dedicate precious time, wisdom, and laboratory resources to participants of the program. Our mentors are leaders within all areas of cancer research including basic, translational, clinical, and population-based. They are also experienced educators and committed role models. Visit our Students page to see who our mentors are and to link to information about the exciting work they do.

Peer Mentors

In addition to their faculty mentors, Chicago EYES on Cancer students work closely with peer mentors: University of Chicago college and graduate students pursuing careers in the biomedical field. Our peer mentors advise on everything from laboratory etiquette to poster formatting. Most importantly, they offer valuable insight on the opportunities and challenges awaiting program participants at the very next stage of their careers. Meet our 2017 peer mentors!

Shereen Al-Sawwaf

Lauren Blake

Shea Gallus

Mathew Perez-Neut

Corey Smith

Leah Wallach

Past Peer Mentors

Clara Kao
Logan Poole
Eloesa McSorley
Daniel Ruiz