Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Disparities

The Comprehensive Cancer Center established the Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Disparities (OCECD) in 2010 as part of a renewed and expanded commitment to serve local communities through research, education, and outreach programs.
OCECD Chinatown Health Fair 2014The OCECD, under the direction of Karen Kim, MD, has formed strategic alliances with UChicago units and other healthcare organizations, as well as community, ethnic, and faith-based groups to create innovative programs that will increase access to care, reduce risk factors for cancer, reduce tobacco use, increase participation in cancer research, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients and survivors.

Dr. Kim was joined by Nita Lee, MD, in 2015 as Associate Director to help continue the expansion of community outreach and efforts.

The Comprehensive Cancer Center has a global presence, attracting cancer patients from around the world; however, our most important commitment is to the people of the Chicago metropolitan area and, particularly, the residents of surrounding neighborhoods including Bronzeville, Grand Boulevard, Hyde Park, Kenwood, Washington Park, and Woodlawn. Maintaining a vibrant, two-way conversation with our South Side neighbors helps Comprehensive Cancer Center members better understand and meet patient needs.