Tackling Health Disparities through One-of-a-Kind Cohort Studies In 2016, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI), which will enroll one million or more participants in a national research effort designed to find better ways to prevent and treat disease based on lifestyle, environment and genetics. A portion of the funds allocated for the PMI are dedicated to the National Cancer Institute’s efforts in cancer genomics, and the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center is playing a key role through the All of Us Research Program, a key element of the PMI. The All of Us leadership hopes to extend precision medicine for prevention and treatment of all diseases by building a diverse national research cohort that will be followed for decades. Cohort studies provide a unique opportu- nity for scientists to follow a large group of people over an extended period of time to see how expo- sure—environment, occupation, city of residence, for example— may relate to incidence of chronic diseases such as cancer. In this effort, the Comprehensive Cancer Center is working along- side Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital and the Alliance of Chicago Community Health Services LLC as members of the Illinois Precision Medicine Consortium (IPMC), which will help recruit 100,000 All of Us participants. Comprehensive Cancer Center staff participate in the All of Us research program kick-off. 6 Powered by Innovation