Table of Contents 2 Letter from the Director 3 Innovative Research 4  Innovation at the Interface of Chemistry and Cancer 5  Enhancing Colorectal Cancer Screening through Technology 6  Tackling Health Disparities through One-of-a-Kind Cohort Studies 8  Cyclotron Research Facility Transforms Imaging Research 10  Novel Tools to Map DNA and RNA Epigenetic Footprints 12  Gene Panels Aid Decision-Making for Hereditary MDS/AL Patients 13  Chicago’s First Ultrasound Treatment for Prostate Cancer 14 Breakthrough CAR T-Cell Therapy for Blood Cancer 16 Pioneering Treatment Option for Abdominal Cancers 19  Novel Approach to Removing Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands Prevents a Visible Scar 20 Radiosurgery: Becoming the Treatment of Choice for Spinal Metastases 22  Improving Immunotherapy with Nanomedicine 24  Training Tomorrow’s Scientists through Inventive Initiatives 26 Innovation Spotlight Pediatric Cancer 34 Center of Innovation 35 By The Numbers 38 New Comprehensive Cancer Center Members 40 Cancer Center Members 43  The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation 48 Leadership 48 Credits 1 Our mission at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center is to develop innovative and collaborative research to discover the determinants of cancer, to develop cures for cancer, and to prevent cancer.