Chicago Magazine Top Doctors List Includes 36 Cancer Center Members

Center for Care and Discovery

Chicago Magazine has named the following 36 University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center members to its Top Doctors list, which was published in the January issue.

Neil H. Hyman
Abraham H. Dachman
Heber MacMahon
Irving Waxman
Ernst R. Lengyel
S. Diane Yamada
Richard A. Larson
Wendy Stock
Michael R. Bishop
Suzanne D. Conzen
Gini F. Fleming
Philip C. Hoffman
Andrzej Jakubowiak
Hedy Lee Kindler
Olufunmilayo I. Olopade
Jyoti Dinker Patel
Mark J. Ratain
Sonali M. Smith
Walter M. Stadler
Everett E. Vokes
Daniel Appelbaum
Elizabeth Astin Blair
Daniel A. Arber
David Woosuk Chang
Philip Paul Connell
Daniel James Haraf
Peter Angelos
Mitchell C. Posner
Mark K. Ferguson
Scott Eggener
Arieh L. Shalhav
Gary D. Steinberg
Eric C. Beyer
Susan L. Cohn
John M. Cunningham
Jessica J. Kandel

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