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Clinical trials in the DTC are conducted with the goal of learning something new about a drug or drug combination, such as the optimal dose or side-effect profile. In order to qualify for a clinical trial, patients generally need to have cancer that is resistant to standard treatments or for which no standard treatment is available. Patients also need to be well enough to tolerate potential side effects. Treatments and follow-up visits during a clinical trial must be completed at The University of Chicago Medicine.

For a list of open DTC trials, click here.

What to Expect During Your First Appointment

Doctors, including a fellow (oncologist in training) and an attending physician, will review your paper and electronic records, including your most recent imaging studies. Pathology slides will be requested and may be submitted for formal review by our pathologists. If any of these items is not collected in advance, you may be asked to bring them with you to your appointment.

After reviewing your records and completing a detailed history and physical examination, your doctors will evaluate whether you are eligible to participate in a clinical trial. If you are, they will print and give you an informed consent document that describes in detail the risks and benefits of participating in the clinical trial. You will have the opportunity to read this document and have a chance to ask questions. If you decide to consent to participate in a trial, you will meet the research nurse for that trial and he/she will organize screening tests to confirm that you are eligible to participate. The screening visit usually takes place approximately 1 week before you are to begin the study treatment.

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Clinic Times and Locations

New and returning patients are seen on Wednesday afternoons in the Duchoissois Center for Advanced Medicine, located at 5758 S. Maryland in Chicago.

How to Make an Appointment

Our patient navigation team can be contacted by phone toll-free at 1-855-702-UCCC or 1-773-702-8222, or by e-mail at cancer@uchospitals.edu. They will work with you to schedule an appointment and collect the necessary records in advance.