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A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Administrative Core

Olufunmilayo Olopade, MBBS
Katharine Yao, MD

The purpose of the Administrative Core is to facilitate translational research in breast cancer by harnessing the intellectual capacity available at UChicago, Argonne and NorthShore, and providing a cost-effective mechanism for managing resources. In our first funding cycle, the SPORE Director enjoyed administrative and fiscal autonomy over the SPORE in Breast Cancer resources and successfully developed an expanded global breast cancer research program within the institution and across the city. Dr. Olopade used her personal relationships with former trainees at NorthShore to integrate the two breast programs.

The Administrative Core is essential for facilitating the multiple collaborations of the SPORE, including specific collaborations with other SPORES at the Mayo Clinic, University of North Carolina, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Vanderbilt University. The Administrative Core provides administrative support for the SPORE Director, the SPORE Executive and Operations Committees, the IAB and the EAB.

The Administrative Core provides administrative support and fiscal management for the Translational Research Projects and other cores. It supports the Developmental Research Program (DRP) and Career Development Program (CDP) by providing administrative support to the Directors of these programs. The Administrative Core is also fully integrated into the administrative structure of the UCCCC with Ms. Veronica Del Toro, the SPORE Administrator, serving as the liaison between the SPORE in Breast Cancer Administrative Core and UCCCC Administration.

Dr. Olopade, as the visionary leader, has been able to foster innovative research strategies and concepts with the help of the Advisory Boards and input from Breast Cancer Advocates (Advocates) led by Ms. Shirley Mertz, President of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, who provides a strong voice on behalf of patients. The Advocacy Sub-committee of the Administrative Core has been instrumental in shaping our research priorities. The Administrative Core provides very strong administrative support to all components of the SPORE program,
optimizing communication, integration, and oversight activities.

Functions of the Administrative Core
The Administrative Core serves as the focal point for all administrative activities of the SPORE, and provides organizational support for the leadership of the SPORE. The Administrative Core facilitates communication between the components of the administrative structure. Specific functions include:

1.   Provide leadership and strategic vision for breast cancer translational activities within the UChicago, Argonne, NorthShore and beyond.
2.   Provide oversight of all SPORE data management activities including all Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved SPORE-related protocols, research projects and cores.
3.   Maintain authority and responsibility for all fiscal and budgetary matters including use of discretionary funds.
4.   Enforce project timelines and implementation plans, and assist Project Leaders in developing alternative plans for projects not meeting established goals.
5.   Enhance communication between the various components of the SPORE.
6.   Organize and document all meetings of the SPORE including weekly meetings of the Central Administrative team and operations group, monthly research seminars, monthly Executive Committee meetings, bi-annual IAB meetings, and annual meetings with the EAB and annual Outreach Program.
7.   Maintain the SPORE archive of materials.
8.   Organize the annual SPORE retreat and annual review by the EAB.
9.   Coordinate and facilitate travel for SPORE investigators’ participation at NCI Translational Research workshops.
10. Maintain responsibility for administration of the DRP and CDP, including the distribution of Requests for Proposals, the compilation and distribution of review committee of applications, organization of review committee meetings, documentation of awarded scores, and distribution and accounting of funds.
11. Sustain ongoing collaborative projects; identify new opportunities for Inter-SPORE collaborations and public-private partnerships.
12. Ensure compliance with all institutional, governmental and NCI-specific regulations and requirements.
13. Assume responsibility for communication and consultation with the NCI Project Officers and other NCI Staff in preparation for all required reports and publications.