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A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Membership Eligibility

UCCCC membership is a formal secondary appointment within the University.  To be eligible for UCCCC membership, an investigator must be engaged primarily in cancer-focused research; that is, cancer must be the investigator’s principal research interest.  Basic, translational, clinical or population-based cancer researchers are eligible for UCCCC membership in one of the following three categories:

Investigators are faculty members who have current cancer-related, peer-reviewed funding from a national funding agency (as specified in NCI Guidelines) as a principal investigator OR are the principal investigator of a peer-reviewed, investigator-initiated clinical research protocol (i.e., approved by NIH, NCI, FDA, VA, ACS or the Clinical Trials Review Committee of the UCCCC) OR have had such cancer-related, research support OR chaired a clinical trial within the past 3 calendar years and intend to continue in cancer research.

Associate Investigators are faculty members who have not had cancer-related, peer-reviewed national funding as a principal investigator within the past 3 years OR who have not served as principal investigator on an investigator-initiated peer-reviewed clinical protocol, but who have demonstrated an interest in cancer research OR have critical skills, knowledge, and/or resources that contribute to the Comprehensive Cancer Center's mission of collaborative cancer research. (Most junior faculty applicants fall into this category.)

Affiliate membership is open to:

  • Faculty from outside institutions affiliated with the University of Chicago (e.g., Argonne); and
  • Current UCCCC investigators or associate investigators whose current research has evolved and is judged as lacking in cancer focus, but who indicate an interest in remaining as Cancer Center members and intend to increase their cancer-related work. Membership is then re-evaluated within 1-3 years.

The benefits of Affiliate Membership include:

  • Access to UCCCC Shared Resources at UCCCC member rates;
  • UChicago faculty rates or discounted rates if collaborating with a UCCCC investigator or associate investigator. (For affiliate members from outside institutions.);
  • Access to program-specific activities, such as seminars, retreats, journal clubs, and travel funds; and
  • Access to UCCCC activities, such as the UCCCC Seminar Series and the UCCCC Translational Conference.

In exceptional situations, affiliate members may be considered eligible to compete for Cancer Center RFAs and pilot and other discretionary funds. This is determined on a case-by-case basis, subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Affiliate members can be appointed by the UCCCC (Executive Committee) without formal secondary appointments through the Provost Office, and are not required to be aligned with specific research programs.