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A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Membership Application and Review Process


A copy of the application for membership can be found here.

  • Prior to initiating the official membership process, each applicant should contact the leader of the program he/she wishes to join. He or she should describe his or her qualifications, cancer research interests, and potential collaborative activities with current cancer center members. If the program leader(s) supports the candidacy, he or she should submit a letter endorsing the nominee to the UCCCC Cancer Advisory Committee (CAC). The letter should be accompanied with the candidate's completed application, his or her curriculum vitae, and a summary of research support. A letter of support from his or her department chair is also required.
  • All applications are reviewed and voted on by the (CAC)

Membership Review

  • On an annual basis, at the time of submission of the competing or non-competing Cancer Center Support Grant, current membership rosters are reviewed. At that time, members may be asked to update the cancer relatedness of their activities. Continued membership will require documentation of a cancer focus and collaboration with other cancer members.
  • At the time of re-appointment (within their primary departments) or promotion, each investigator or associate investigator must apply for renewal of cancer center membership by writing a brief (one page) letter to the UCCCC director indicating his or her desire to be considered for re-appointment and describing his or her continued participation in cancer-related research. This letter should also include a description of programmatic interactions and usage of UCCCC core facilities. An updated CV and research support documentation also is required. Reappointment in the UCCCC requires approval of the CAC.
  • An Associate Investigator may be considered for advancement to the Investigator level annually if he or she meets the criteria specified above for appointment as an Investigator.
  • If at any time, and following review of circumstances and/or appeal, the Clinical Research Advisory Committee (CRAC) finds an investigator to be noncompliant with the Data and Safety Monitoring (DSM) Plan guidelines, the CRAC will recommend that the CAC suspend membership privileges.
  • All changes in membership, including suspension of membership, require review and a vote by the CAC.