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Books and Other Publications

The following represent some of the recent books and other noteworthy publications by UCCCC members and their colleagues.

Targeted Therapeutics in Melanoma
Series: Current Clinical Oncology
: Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD, and F. Stephen Hodi Jr., MD
2012, XIV, 377 p. 27 illus., 22 in color. Hardcover

Targeted Therapeutics in Melanoma

  • Describes both established signal transduction inhibitors as well as emerging molecularly guided immunotherapies
  • Places exciting developments in basic biological understanding into a practical clinical context
  • The first book on melanoma devoted entirely to targeted therapeutics
  • Includes the most up-to-date data from current clinical Phase I-III trials
  • Written by high-profile authors representing the world’s leaders in their field

Seminars in Oncology: Personalized Cancer Treatment
Guest Editor: Richard L. Schilsky, MD
Volume 38, Issue 2, Pages A1-A12, 163-326 (April 2011)

"In this issue of Seminars in Oncology my colleagues at The University of Chicago review the platform technologies now in use to describe the molecular profile of tumor cells and the normal variations in germline DNA. Next we summarize the genomic heterogeneity of a number of common cancers and describe how this knowledge is leading to improvements in assessment of prognosis and selection of therapy. We review the current status of a particularly controversial area, ie, genotyping, to assess the potential utility of tamoxifen treatment for women with breast cancer. Finally, we recognize that personalized cancer care is about more than molecular profiling and targeted therapy. Personalized care extends to assessing the functional capacity, physiological status, support systems, and preferences of each person with cancer and crafting a treatment and supportive care plan that is unique to their needs and desires." — Richard L. Schilsky, MD