Pete Savage lab research, UChicago

Research Highlights

It is an exciting time in cancer research. We are accelerating research and working toward a future where cancer is no longer a disease you die from but a disease you live with. Our programs emphasize interdisciplinary research through collaborations among a diverse and dedicated team of outstanding basic, translational, clinical, and population researchers, caregivers, and trainees.
researchfocusWe aim to answer cancer’s most challenging questions through inquiry, creativity and collaboration.

  1. How do we prevent cancer, especially in the most vulnerable populations?
  2. How can we match individual patients with the most appropriate treatments?
  3. How can we harness the immune system to destroy cancer more effectively?
  4. How do we stop cancer from spreading?
  5. How can we best improve survivorship for cancer patients after diagnosis and treatment?

Though daunting in breadth, these questions are the foundation for great invention. Our researchers have embraced the ambitious scope of each challenge, as evidenced by the groundbreaking discoveries born from such pursuit. Click on the links to learn more about our research in the areas below.