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A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Human Tissue Resource Center

Scientific Director: Mark Lingen, DDS, PhD
Technical Director: Terry Shihong Li, MD

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The effective procurement, storage, distribution, and analysis of human biospecimens are of critical importance to the mission of the UCCCC and the University's cancer programs. The Human Tissue Resource Center (HTRC) provides investigators with a centralized infrastructure to optimize the efficiency and costs related to research involving human biospecimens. The Core Facility provides a coordinated, centralized, and dedicated program for the procurement, processing, dispersing, and assessment of all types of biospecimens. The HTRC comprises four integrated subcores: biospecimen bank (BSB), laser capture microdissection (LCM), digital pathology, and histology services.


  • Biobanking of solid tissues, lymphocytes, and bodily fluids including saliva, urine, whole blood, plasma, serum, and derivatives
  • Pathological verification and analysis of tissue samples
  • Histological services including routine tissue formalin fixation, processing, paraffin embedding, microtomy, H&E staining, and immunostaining
  • Tissue microarray (TMA) fabrication
  • Laser capture microdissection (LCM)
  • Quantitative image analysis of immunohistochemistry on conventional and tissue microarray sections, including quantification of nuclear, membranous, and cytoplasmic staining, rare event detection, TMA analysis, microvessel density counting, and histological pattern recognition