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A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Transgenic Mouse and Embryonic Stem Cell Facility

Scientific Director: Kay MacLeod, PhD
Technical Director: Linda Degenstein, AB

The Transgenic Mouse and Embryonic Stem Cell Facility provides investigators with genetically manipulated mice through transgenic technology or embryonic stem (ES) cell manipulation. The Facility provides a comprehensive set of technical services and has a fully operational construction and gene targeting service.


  • Transgenic mouse production from founder through F1 Stage
  • ES cell technology mouse production (e.g., knockouts, knockins, conditional knockouts)
  • ES cell gene targeting and culturing
  • Embryo rederivation
  • Mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) cell production
  • Timed pregnancies of various strains and lines of mice
  • Various breeding services and genetically engineered mouse model line maintenance
  • DNA preparation from ES cell lines
  • Design and construction of transgenic or ES cell targeting vectors
  • PCR and Southern blot analysis of existing ES cell lines and constructs
  • Training in the breeding and handling of mice, isolation of genomic DNA from mouse tissues, and genomic DNA analysis through Southern blot hybridization
  • CRISPR technology - RNA-guided deletions and knockins
  • TARGATT - site-directed transgenics into the ROSA26 locus