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A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Bioinformatics Core Facility

Scientific Director: Bob Grossman, PhD
Technical Director: Jorge Andrade, PhD

The analysis of data from high-throughput experiments often presents a challenge to clinical, translational, and basic researchers alike. The Bioinformatics Core at the Center for Research Informatics offers services and expertise designed to allow investigators to take full advantage of available high-throughput technologies.


  • Bioinformatics support for the SOLiD and Illumina NGS platforms and all applications (DNA-SEQ, RNA-SEQ, small RNA-SEQ and ChIP-SEQ)
  • Bioinformatics support for all microarray platforms and all applications (gene expression profiling, SNP genotyping, and methylation profiling)
  • Direct consulting with bioinformaticians within the Core for specific/custom-made analysis or pipelines
  • Training on the use and applications of publicly and commercially available bioinformatics software and tools, enabling investigators to develop bioinformatics expertise within their laboratories
  • Grant writing assistance to develop and integrate bioinformatics grant components