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A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Integrated Microscopy Facility

Scientific Director: Benjamin Glick, PhD
Technical Director: Vytas Bindokas, PhD
Assistant Technical Directors: Christine Labno, PhD, and Shirley Bond, MA

(Read an article about this core in Pathways to Discovery)

The Integrated Microscopy Facility functions as a supervised, user-based, hands-on core by providing state-of-the-art microscopy imaging capabilities to investigators through microscopy instrumentation, image analysis tools, and expert training and assistance. The Facility strives to provide high-quality optics and equipment that most labs do not possess, including confocal and state-of-the-art two-photon and STED superresolution spectral microscopes. Available techniques provided by the Facility include classic color histological stain imaging, contrast generation in unstained cells, and fluorescence technologies that allow for applications ranging from localization of multiple targets to readouts of biochemical or physiologic parameters in either fixed or living preparations.


  • User training on microscopes and software
  • Light microscopes  with brightfield and fluorescence optics, including high-end objectives and technologies (color, phase contrast, differential interference contrast [DIC], multiparameter fluorescence including multiratio imaging and laser-based total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy [TIRFM])
  • Digital image capture using high-resolution B/W and color charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras, high-sensitivity CCD cameras, and high-speed electron-multiplying CCD (EM-CCD) cameras
  • Full-service digital slide scanning service for color histology and four-color fluorescence
  • Access to high-grade objective lenses and specialized filters and optics
  • Confocal microscopy including Leica two-photon and spectral systems (high-resolution, high-sensitivity, and high-speed image capture), and STED-CW superresolution microscopy
  • Support systems for live sample maintenance and imaging
  • Data analysis workstations (including Imaris and Huygens Pro deconvolution programs), storage, back-up, oversight, and maintenance
  • Assistance in feasibility studies, grant applications technique/technology development, and compilation of data for presentations and publications
  • New product demonstrations