A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

UCCRF Women's Board

Founded in 1947, The University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Women's Board raises funds through its Grand Auction, Annual Appeal, Chicago Hunter Derby, and other events to support world-class programs in cancer genetics, immunotherapies, pharmacogenetics, biological and clinical informatics, and others.

Through its efforts every year, the 70-plus board members make significant contributions to the UCCCC. Specifically, their funds have helped make it possible to bring new scientists to the university and to support their initial research activities enabling them to obtain research grant funding. In 2005, the Women's Board was inducted into the highly coveted University of Chicago Harper Society in recognition of its fundraising efforts. Since its inception, the UCCRF Women's Board has raised $11 million for cancer research for the Foundation.

The funds also support the Ben May Department for Cancer Research at the university and continue to be instrumental in the establishment of core laboratory facilities where discovery takes place. Use of these core facilities has been stimulated by the Women's Board establishment of a targeted fund that supports young investigators engaged in cancer research.

The UCCCC strives to link laboratory research with innovative and effective treatments. Researchers and clinicians work side by side to apply knowledge gained from new discoveries to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.