A Comprehensive Cancer Center Designated by the National Cancer Institute

How to Help

The UCCCC has helped transform the way cancer is prevented, detected, diagnosed, and treated. It also has maintained a strong focus on survivorship, which helps former cancer patients live longer, healthier, and more rewarding lives.

Philanthropy makes a difference when it comes to funding cancer research because it often supports preliminary investigations. Researchers sometimes use these investigations to test the initial validity and value of a hypothesis. They can then use their findings to obtain financing from other sources, including drug companies and the National Cancer Institute, to further their research.

These are times of both hope and apprehension in cancer research. While scientists are making enormous progress in understanding cancer and enhancing cancer care, financial constraints on federal funding are making less money available for research. Without private philanthropy, many highly promising investigations will never be initiated or will be terminated prematurely.

The future holds enormous potential for success in reducing cancer risk, incidence, and deaths. The UCCCC invites you to help create a better future.

Everyone can help make a difference. Get involved in cancer research in the following ways: