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Training and Education

An Overview of Cancer Education at the University of Chicago

As one of the world’s premier academic and research institutions with a rich legacy in scientific discovery, the University of Chicago is committed to the education and training of our future leaders in cancer research and treatment. Providing education and training for these basic scientists and clinical investigators is a critical component of the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s mission to explore and develop innovative ways to prevent and reduce the devastating effects of cancer. Our distinguished faculty emphasizes personalized cancer care, whereby genetic, social, and environmental factors are used to predict cancer risk and tailor treatment strategies for each patient.

With a robust educational program and under the leadership of associate director for education M. Eileen Dolan, PhD, professor of medicine, the Comprehensive Cancer Center is training the next generation of cancer specialists.

The following sections provide an overview of the many cancer educational programs and resources that exist at the University of Chicago for learners of all levels, from high school to postgraduate training.

Pipeline Programs for High School and Undergraduate Students
Graduate Education
Pritzker School of Medicine
Graduate Medical Education
Professional Education/Career Development

Our educational programs are funded by various cancer training grants.
Grants that Support Cancer-Related Education

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