Faculty Career Development

At the University of Chicago, faculty members have several opportunities to advance their careers and expand their research and clinical interests. Faculty career development and education programs are listed below.

Institute for Translational Medicine

The University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM) is a member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science Awards consortium that helps convert biomedical research into health improvement. One pillar of the ITM’s mission is to provide training and mentoring resources, and the ITM is proud to offer educational opportunities to UChicago investigators.

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The MacLean Center

The MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics is internationally recognized as a leading program for research and training in medical ethics. Established in 1984 with support from the family of Dorothy J. MacLean, the Center offers both a 2-year master’s degree and a 1-year part-time fellowship program.

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The Graham School

The University of Chicago Graham School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers a Clinical Trials Management and Regulatory Compliance Certificate. This post-baccalaureate program provides comprehensive training in clinical practices, drug development, statistical concepts for clinical research, and clinical site management and monitoring.

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Chicago Options in Career Empowerment (myCHOICE)

The goal of the myCHOICE program is to educate and prepare University of Chicago trainees with biological or health science degrees for their ideal career path.

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The BSD Office of Faculty Affairs

The BSD Office of Faculty Affairs has several programs and opportunities for faculty career development specifically in the area of enhancing grant and research writing skills. Click here for a current calendar of scheduled events and programs.

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Public Health Sciences

The Department of Public Health Sciences offers an MS degree in Health Studies for Clinical Professionals (MSCP). The MSCP program is designed to educate doctoral-level individuals in the theory, methods, and concepts of biostatistics, epidemiology, and 142 health services research required to develop clinical and epidemiologic research studies.

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Grant Writers’ Group

The Comprehensive Cancer Center Grant Writers’ Group hosts an informal 8-week long session for faculty grant writers and mentors to foster discussion and provide feedback about cancer-focused grant applications. The next session runs from March 16-May 18, 2015. Faculty at all levels that are interested in serving as grant writers or mentors should contact Kathy Goss at kgoss@uchicago.edu.

Lunch and Learn Workshops

The Comprehensive Cancer Center holds a quarterly “Lunch and Learn” educational series to provide its members with the opportunity to develop their communication and outreach skills, as well as being informed about various institutional resources to enhance their research efforts. Lunch and Learn invitations are sent to faculty via email throughout the year.