Dr. Ahsan’s research interests focus on studying the interrelationships between environmental and genomic factors in cancer and other diseases, and exploiting information on these relationships at a population level by developing and evaluating prevention interventions in humans. Specifically, his research integrates environmental, nutritional, and lifestyle factors with measures of modern molecular biology (involving DNA, RNA, and protein variations) to understand the pathogenesis, prognosis, and prevention of cancer and other disorders of national and international public health significance. What is the focus of your research? My research focuses on the identification of spe- cific environmental exposures, lifestyle/behavior, or genes and their unique combinations that drive human disease risks. These studies involve obtain- ing and analyzing data from a large number of research volunteers at a population level. I also test interventions on modifiable risk factors to prevent disease or improve outcomes by early diagnosis. What is the impact of your research? Results of my research studies inform the public and policy makers about potential causes of dis- ease and avenues of prevention. My research also Meet the Expert Habibul Ahsan, MBBS, MMedSc LOUIS BLOCK PROFESSOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH SCIENCES, MEDICINE AND HUMAN GENETICS, COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR FOR POPULATION RESEARCH Research 6 PATHWAYS TO DISCOVERY FALL 2017