Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Epidemiology Research and Recruitment Core consistently reaches some of the most at-risk and marginalized groups in Chicago in both the medical center and in the community,” Aschebrook-Kilfoy said. COMPASS is led by Habibul Ahsan, MBBS, MMedSc, Louis Block Professor of Public Health Sciences, Medicine and Human Genetics, who established the University of Chicago Precision and Population Health Initiative (PPHI) by integrating COMPASS and All of Us. All of Us, like COMPASS, aims to build a diverse cohort and Ahsan’s team will help with the recruitment of 50,000 of the 150,000 All of Us participants that will be coming from Illinois. “Once we know and understand what leads to the development of disease and the underlying biologi- cal processes, we are in a better position to identify prevention and treatment solutions,” said Ahsan, who also serves as associate director for population research at the Comprehensive Cancer Center. For example, COMPASS researchers are investi- gating the role of the bacteria in a person’s mouth in the development of head and neck, and lung cancers. Using the saliva samples from approx- imately 1,500 participants, the oral microbiome will be analyzed using a robust technology (called microbial 16s rRNA sequencing) and compared to data on known risk factors such as tobacco use and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. “Given the shared and complementary research objectives, it is expected that complementary recruitment for PMI programs at UChicago, includ- ing both All of Us and COMPASS, will occur in the next five years,” Aschebrook-Kilfoy said. Anyone can join All of Us by registering on the program’s website. The All of Us van is also trav- eling the country and stopping at universities and community events to recruit participants and there will eventually be a direct volunteer program at Walgreens. Participants’ information will be de-identified in order to maintain privacy. Researchers using data gathered through All of Us will have no way of linking the information to an individual participant. Large-scale participation will help All of Us create a future where health care is tailored to the individual. “This effort will involve extensive engagement across the institution and with community part- nerships as the scale and scope of the project is unprecedented,” Aschebrook-Kilfoy said. Join All of Us by visiting and download the free app for both iOS and Android. Learn more about the Illinois Precision Medicine Consortium: news/2016/20160707-precision-medicine.html CANCER.UCHICAGO.EDU 3