Each and every year, our researchers demonstrate their commitment to finding better ways to diagnose and treat cancer. But, we are also dedicated to stopping cancer before it starts through risk assessment and prevention. From lifestyle changes to vaccines to genetic testing, prevention is the ultimate goal. In this issue, we delve into the Comprehensive Cancer Center’s robust risk and prevention pro- grams, including our Comprehensive Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic and expertise in estab- lishing cohorts for assessing population health. Pinpointing the exact cause of cancer is not an easy task. By studying the environment, the health and behavior of specific populations, and the role of genetics, we are making great strides in our efforts to minimize cancer’s impact. Ultimately, we want to help people understand their risks so they can take action before they become our patients. In this issue, you will also find examples of our most recent research breakthroughs, new faculty, member honors, and clinical trials. Thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy the rest of the year! Regards, Michelle M. Le Beau, PhD Director, The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center; Arthur and Marian Edelstein Professor of Medicine Fall 2017 EXECUTIVE EDITOR Crystal Senesac MANAGING EDITOR AND WRITER Bethany Hubbard SENIOR SCIENCE WRITER Kathleen Goss, PhD CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Kat Carlton John Easton EDITORIAL ADVISORS Michelle Le Beau, PhD Marcy List, PhD PHOTOGRAPHY David Christopher Bethany Hubbard Robert Kozloff Jean Lachat DESIGN Pivot Design, Inc. PRINTING G Thomas Partners LLC Pathways to Discovery is a triannual publication of the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MEDICINE COMPREHENSIVE CANCER CENTER 5841 S. MARYLAND AVE. MC1140, H212 CHICAGO, IL 60637 PHONE 1-773-702-6180 FAX 1-773-702-9311 FEEDBACK@BSD.UCHICAGO.EDU © 2017 The University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center. All rights reserved. From the Director AT THE FOREFRONT OF CANCER CARE AND DISCOVERY Pathways TO DISCOVERY