UChicago Medicine Adopts New Logo, to Rebrand Ingalls Facilities Brand initiative seeks to better reflect expanded reach and array of services The University of Chicago Medicine is rolling out a new logo and rebranding Ingalls Memorial Hos- pital and its ambulatory facilities as part of a major initiative to reflect the academic medical center’s growing geographic reach and expanded services. The new brand logo signals the organization’s transformation into a health system with multiple care locations, and builds on its connection to the University of Chicago while also elevating its brand promise by incorporating “at the forefront” into the wordmark for the first time in the institution’s history. The logo features a larger university shield to reflect its academic relationship, shortens “Uni- versity of Chicago Medicine” to “UChicago Med- icine” for a bolder look, and uses a more modern sans-serif font. These changes follow an extensive discovery process that included interviews with leaders at Ingalls and UChicago Medicine, focus groups with consumers and patients, and key findings from a recent brand reputation study. The decision also supports the need to reflect UChicago Medicine’s expansion into a health system, which has included Ingalls since the two institutions merged in October 2016. “UChicago Medicine is now much more than an academic medical center in Hyde Park, and the time is right for us to show that transformation through our logo and a broadened brand promise of being at the forefront of medicine, science, and education,” said Kenneth S. Polonsky, executive vice president of medical affairs at the University of Chicago. “We now can provide a continuum of services in which academic medicine powers community care, fueled by our clinical excellence, research breakthroughs, and teaching mission.” “Our new leadership structure, coupled with the new brand, represents our transformation into a comprehensive academic health system,” said Sharon O’Keefe, president of the University of Chicago Medical Center, who will be responsible for administrative and operational oversight of the university medical center in Hyde Park, Ingalls Memorial Hospital and its facilities, and other practice locations in the community. “UChicago Medicine has benefitted, and will continue to benefit, from Ingalls’ expertise in successfully operating ambulatory facilities.” CANCER.UCHICAGO.EDU 13 News