Enhancing Colorectal Cancer Screening through Technology The Cook County CARES (Colorectal Cancer Alliance to Reinforce and Enhance Screening) team at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center (UCCCC) has developed an innovative and sustainable web-based tool at ILColonCares.org to increase linkage to care for individuals referred for care from local community health clinics. This collaborative tool provides enhanced quality CRC screening by providing community health clinics with access to available colonoscopy appointments at UChicago Medicine. “We developed this sustainable technology to increase linkage to care for individuals referred to care from local community health clin- ics,” said Karen Kim, MD, profes- sor of medicine, UCCCC associate director for community engage- ment and cancer disparities, and director of UChicago’s Center for Asian Health Equity (CAHE). The ILColonCares.org website was developed with multiple hospital and community–based clinics, including UChicago Medicine, Rush University Medi­ - cal Center, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Heartland Health Centers, Friend Family Health Centers, and CommunityHealth Centers of Chicago. The hospital systems donate colo- noscopy appointments to partner local health centers. These slots appear on the site instantly, and the health centers can schedule colonoscopies for approved or uninsured patients. Patient navi- gation will be provided to ensure compliance, utilization, and trans- fer of results. There is interest in scaling the site for state-wide and/or national use. “This web–based enterprise focuses on enhancing equitable access to colonoscopy care for uninsured patients,” said Fornessa T. Randal, executive director for CAHE, and lead designer and site director for ILColonCares.org. Karen Kim, MD, and her team are expanding access to colon cancer screening with a web-based tool. 5