The UChicago cyclotron was installed in the basement of the Mitchell Hospital in late 2016. Making the Cyclotron Facility a Reality In honor of the foundation’s gift, the University’s imaging program will be renamed the William F. O’Connor Molecular Imaging Program. The addition of the cyclotron would no doubt have pleased William O’Connor, who was a patient at the medical center. Former chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade, O’Connor died in 1999 from pancreatic cancer. Before his death, he established the William F. O’Connor Foundation to help support cancer research in Illinois. Since 2000, the foundation has given more than $3 million to the University toward cancer research. Adds Mary Jo McGuire, who was a personal friend of O’Connor’s and also serves on the foundation’s board, “We all knew him very well, and we just try to envision what he would have wanted us to do. We never disagree about that,” McGuire says. 9